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Natural gemstone gold paper clip chain Anklet



Natural gemstone gold paper clip chain Anklet. 

Natural Topaz Jade, Natural Taiwan Jade, Natural Blue Aventurine, Natural Sodalite, Natural Lilac Jade.

Gold plated brass


    Here are a few tips so you can care for your item and keep it looking gorgeous for longer!

    • If you opted for a Silver plated / gold plated item, These are excellent quality however , after time can be prone to tarnishing. To prevent this from happening prematurely please avoid wearing :
    • Over night while sleeping
    • During work outs.
    • Bath/ Showering.
    • pools / Steam rooms.
    • If you need to clean the glass / resin part of your item please avoid water and use a lint free cloth. The pendant should not at any time be submerged in water as this can cause the clearness of the pendant to haze.
    • When you are not wearing your item I recommend leaving it in a dark part of the room or box/draw to avoid it being left in sunlight. Although this wouldn’t effect the overall look drastically it can cause premature discolouration to flowers & metals.

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