Kooky Bloom

Kooky Eye Mirrored jewellery stand.


Kooky Eye Mirrored jewellery stand.



Iron Tabletop Detachable Jewellery Stand with Eye Shaped Vanity Mirror, Earring Necklace Bracelet Jewellery Display. 


Size: 9.65 inch(245mm) high, 6.50 inch(165mm) wide. 


Here are a few tips so you can care for your item and keep it looking gorgeous for longer!

  • If you opted for a Silver plated / gold plated item, These are excellent quality however , after time can be prone to tarnishing. To prevent this from happening prematurely please avoid wearing :
  • Over night while sleeping
  • During work outs.
  • Bath/ Showering.
  • pools / Steam rooms.
  • If you need to clean the glass / resin part of your item please avoid water and use a lint free cloth. The pendant should not at any time be submerged in water as this can cause the clearness of the pendant to haze.
  • When you are not wearing your item I recommend leaving it in a dark part of the room or box/draw to avoid it being left in sunlight. Although this wouldn’t effect the overall look drastically it can cause premature discolouration to flowers & metals.

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